About the project

As of May 4 2021, Gateway Village received unanimous land use approval by Rocky View Council. Thank you Bragg Creek! 

Gateway Village is a visionary neighbourhood being developed in the Hamlet of Bragg Creek against the beautiful backdrop of the Elbow River and the Rocky Mountains. Locals and visitors will enjoy a wide range of amenities including a restaurant, hotel, conference centre, spa and range of boutique shops and housing types. This resort-style development, just 30 minutes from Calgary, will revitalize the Bragg Creek experience and become both a community hub and an overnight or longer-term stay destination that provides an inspired environment to shop, live, work, visit and gather.

Whether you are on your way to the mountains,
just in from Calgary for the day or a Creeker with some
time to spare, place yourself in Bragg Creek for a moment.

The vision

Imagine strolling along a promenade, breathing in the fresh mountain air, and relaxing into the beautifully landscaped open space, pathways and ponds around you. You come upon the Steak Pit, a revival of Bragg Creek’s historic mainstay restaurant and feel a nostalgic pull to head inside. From your seat on the patio overlooking the Elbow River, you hear live music from the nearby amphitheatre floating up through the trees and providing a lively and enjoyable soundtrack for this unexpected get-away.

This is the vision for Gateway Village, the 12.6-acre parcel of land currently under development by Bragg Creek local Dick Koetsier and his company, Gateway Developments.

Having owned property within the Hamlet since 2005, Dick has firsthand knowledge of both the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the area. He believes that Bragg Creek is a true Alberta gem just waiting to shine and that developments like Gateway Village are essential to meet its long-held potential as a world-class gateway to the Rocky Mountains. Inspired by the history of the area and the resilience of the community, Dick is committed to attracting businesses and visitors to the Hamlet while enhancing the quality of life and experience for those lucky enough to call it home.

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Where the site is located

Located in the heart of Bragg Creek, Gateway Village fronts onto the Hamlet’s main street, Balsam Avenue and is directly adjacent to the Elbow River and the new dyke system.

Next steps in the process



Land use application approved unanimously by Rocky View County. Now moving into development permit stage for phase 1.

Commercial Village 


Old West Mall redevelopment and renewal of the iconic Steak Pit restaurant. Including pond features and River Square.

Hospitality Village


First wing of Wakesiah Lodge built with a restaurant & related amenities. First residential apartment building planned.

Residential Village


Completion of Lodge and Conference centre, health and wellness centre and spa. Residential village to be completed.

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The Plan

Gateway Village will include the following elements and amenities:

  • Commercial Village: +/-2,500 square metres of commercial development, integrating the existing Old West Mall and the proposed Steak Pit restaurant adjacent to the Elbow River and dyke system
  • Hospitality Village: a 120-room hotel, spa and conference centre overlooking the Elbow River with the potential for future expansion
  • Residential Village: up to 170 residential units including townhouses and 3-4 storey apartments and condominiums
  • Open Space Amenity: a series of gathering spaces, water features, the river square and amphitheatre
  • Vehicular Connectivity: primarily consists of Gateway Drive, a north-south private road that will connect Balsam Avenue to River Drive South and continue south to connect with White Avenue in the future

Public Participation

Since as far back as 2014, local developer Dick Koetsier has been informally engaging adjacent property owners, Bragg Creek residents and the business community about the future of the Hamlet and his development plans. The ideas, feedback and support that Dick has gathered over the years are the cornerstones of Gateway Village. Some of the feedback from stakeholders was incorporated into the MSDP which included maintaining the current roadway alignment to ensure access to adjacent developments were not impacted.

Dick and the Gateway Developments team formally engaged local residents and businesses throughout January 2021 to seek feedback on the development plans and provide everyone with an opportunity to ask questions. More than 280 people responded to the online survey and many attended the presentation centre to view the presentation boards and speak to Dick personally.

Thank you to everyone who participated and shared their thoughts with the team through these activities as well as everyone who commented on the project Facebook page!

The summary report can be downloaded here

Click on the image below to view the presentation from January 2021. This was used for stakeholder engagement and survey participation. To close the presentation, click the X in the top right corner.

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